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Does Awesome Branding Equal Sustainable Business Practice?

Constructing the case that man holds an innate curiosity is easy.  Not apart from that curiosity is man’s struggle to explain.

Man’s inspiring endeavor to satisfy the bond between curiosity and explanation has resulted in the formation of awe-inspiring facets, i.e., the interdisciplinary and applicable observable occurrences that has brought upon natural, social and empirical sciences.

Sciences expands man’s boundaries of knowledge; providing solutions to combat daunting problems and resolving powerful mysteries.

With all of the things that science can do its intent is rooted to uplift, and at the end serves to condition our brains to accept the most important feature of science: that science can help us improve the human condition.

With political and public figures too intimidated of the unintended and perverse consequences that comes from speaking openly about race relationships, an interesting social science experiment is currently at play: Starbucks Coffee is leading the drive of encouraging respect of race diversity in its newest campaign called “Race Together”.

Social scientist, marketers, branding experts and beyond are asking many questions.

The marketer within knows that a strategy intended to clearly identify who you are, what you do, and what you believe in is – well– freakin awesome branding.

However, in a culture wherein just mentioning race can be viewed as an act of racism; wherein a social issue as fraught, complex and sensitive as race, I have to wonder if the rules of engagement have changed so drastically wherein a brand (even as strong as Starbucks Coffee) warrants concerning itself with the relationships between individuals on a social level.

With many critics saying that Starbucks Coffee is attempting to cash in on America’s current racial tensions I’m forced to shuffle the main question to, does awesome branding equal sustainable business practice?

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