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When Political Party (Not Science) Shapes Political Viewpoints.

Claim: 98% of scientists agree that global warming is the direct result of the contribution of man.

Sagely Response:  Okay.

Basically, there must be a list containing all 100% of scientists.

Science exhibits the first challenge of creating such a list of every scientist that exists.

The words “ninety-eight percent” (even if there is such a report) isn’t a defendant. Meaning there is no such thing as “ninety-eight percent” as being a number set in logic.

Two scientists talking note receipts by consensus is not science; it’s demographic.

Once we had a history, it was the consensus that Earth was flat. And everyone believed in that. EVERYONE AGREED ON THAT!

But one man said that was not true. One little person was able to display the truth.

If I hear 98% of scientist …Nope…Argument lost.

Because the majority agrees with such does not make it so.

It does not make it true.

That is not science.

98% represents a means to judge democracy.

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