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Preventing The Descend Into Madness: Overbearing Excitement Of Politics And The Meaning Of The Greatness Game

The political climate is in an uproar.  The turbulent violence, the consistent back and forth finger-pointing, the intensely polarized attitudes… it’s too much.  I can only appreciate a limited amount of fallouts before a real need to withdraw takes effect.

In actuality, the withdrawal period is self-censorship from digital news reports, talk radio, and social platforms.  I need time; time to preserve the experience, to ask questions, to reflect on a certain intellectual, philosophical, or ideological bent.

Is the only difference between a young and old idea that of which where the former will cause death while the latter will allow death to come?

If I’m to truly believe that religion (faith-based or otherwise) means that much of what is happening today is for the greater good, I’d lose belief in everything.  Reading commentary and correspondence feels like stumbling upon a cult doctrine.

Propagated is the claim that religion is illogical and potentially harmful.  I assume that when I recount history lessons or read of current mass violent attacks (the modern term being terrorism) in the name of a god, I’m too forgo spiritual faith.  But I can’t!

Even though I’ve always held inner conflicts, embracing materialism or learning about political and economic theories that didn’t account for Catholic beliefs, I was able to find aspects of God when what was really being offered was another form of religion.

Even though the season is difficult, it’s by the questioning of freely expressed opposing viewpoints that leads to clarity and understanding.  So, when hearing of the idea to suppress or censor certain attitudes and ideas, is what’s being proposed really a solution towards finding another religion instead of a god, goodness, or absolution?

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