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A pattern of emotionally charged concepts of authority in an individual that are partially or completely repressed. To satisfy an unconscious need for authority, a person projects power onto certain other people (see also projection) and experiences feelings of inferiority in the presence of these others

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The Presumption of Special State Moral Authority: How Presumptions Can Be Dangerous And Inhibit Deeper Though

“The State” is thought to have a kind of special moral status that sets it apart from and above other agents. This special moral status explains why States are entitled to coerce people in a wide range of circumstances while no other agent would be permitted to coerce people. That part, that is, the entitlement to coerce other people is known as political legitimacy. While the other part of authority is generally thought as people being obligated to obey States’ commands even when people would not be obligated to obey similar commands if issued by anyone else.